Six Rooms

Completed as part of the One Night Stand for Art and Architecture 2016 this project reimagined the hotel room through six different projective deformations of its interior volume. All drawings are flat, depthless, orthographic projections.
(01) The stretching of room 102 along a dozen (or so) inclined planes.

(02) The skewing of room 102 with not parallel lines at most of the corners.

(03) The folding of room 102 along six (or so) not straight lines right before stretching it relative to surface of a few cylinders.

(04) The intersection of room 102 with the outer surface of six somewhat different spheres with centers that share very little in common.

(05) The inflation of room 102 with six spheres that are only tangentially related (through a point near the bathroom sink).

(06) The intersection of room 102 with six somewhat different right cones whose centers are not in the same place (at the same time).