I am a computational designer, artist and educator whose work focuses the translation of historic modes of drawing into digital animations and images. This site contains a selection of work that encapsulates my research in the history of technical drawing and geometry. When we consider drawing and imaging in a digital context, it is often positioned as an extension of earlier pre-digital forms of description. Boundary representations, point clouds, meshes, and extended reality have all changed the means by which we image landscapes, objects, buildings and infrastructure. In these cases, questions surrounding digital representation have to do with the way in which new media can extend or otherwise further existing techniques through the powers of digital computation. My work considers another question: What can the technological limits of historical forms of representation offer to development of drawing with new media? This question is considered in each of the works contained in the Drawing Index of the site. I am currently a faculty member at Woodbury University in Los Angeles, California and I hold a Master's of Architecture from SCI_Arc.